Stringed Instruments

Stringed Instruments

An extensive selection of stringed instruments (both classical and electric) and their accessories (cases, bows, strings and much more). Guitars and Folk Instruments are also featured below, with further galleries of Orchestral Strings, where you'll find violins, cellos, etc.

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  • Guitars

    Students choose different types of guitar for their first experience, so we feature here classical, folk, electric and bass guitars of all different styles.
  • Guitar Amps & Accessories

    Guitar Amps & Accessories
    Amplification for guitarists and bassists, and the essential strings, pedals, straps, picks, tuners and so on that guitar players will need.
  • Ukuleles, Mandolins & Banjos

    Ukuleles, Mandolins & Banjos
    From single beginner's ukuleles, mandolins and banjos, to classroom packs, intermediate and concert models and a fine section of tutor books and accessories.
  • Violins & Violas

    Violins & Violas
    The classical stringed section in an orchestra, with options for both beginners and intermediate players, and samples of our keen prices for quantity purchases for education use.
  • Cellos and Basses

    Cellos and Basses
    Ideal for school orchestras, this is our selection of cellos and orchestral basses.