Keyboard Instruments

Keyboard Instruments

A huge array of exciting keyboard models from the World’s top manufacturers can be found here, and we've organised them in such a way as it makes it easy to make the right selection.  

Head towards the Portable Keyboard section if you want a complete instrument with its own speakers.


  • Portable Keyboards

    Portable Keyboards
    Starland's selection of the most popular Yamaha, Casio, Roland and Korg keyboards, which we can supply with full technical support, as we are service agents for keyboard instruments.
  • Computer Music Keyboards

    Computer Music Keyboards
    A range of USB controller keyboards for use with computer music software. Educational pricing applies to our school customers - Tel (01752) 313300.
  • Classical Keyboards

    Classical Keyboards
    Classically voiced and traditional designs, these are nevertheless very modern digital instruments suitable for churches, chapels and teaching institutions.