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Our experts have separated our wide range of mics into these categories to help you find the most suitable one for your application.  From dynamic models through to condensers, wireless and specialist models, we show a wide range for just about any application on stage or in the studio from the top studio-grade models through to low cost microphone ‘multi-packs’.

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  • Dynamic Mics

    Dynamic Mics
    Moving coil-style microphones for use when the microphone is close to the sound source.
  • Dynamic Instrument Mics

    Dynamic Instrument Mics
    A range of specialist dynamic microphones for recording or amplifying various musical instruments.
  • Condenser Vocal Mics

    Condenser Vocal Mics
    A selection of sensitive condenser microphones for recording or amplifying live vocals, requiring batteries or "phantom power".
  • Condensor Instrument Mics

    Condensor Instrument Mics
    A selection of specialist condenser microphones for recording in the studio or for live performances on stage.
  • Radio Mics

    Radio Mics
    A range of budget and semi-pro radio microphone kits from top manufacturers. Ask us for a quotation if considering several mics.
  • Specialist Mics

    Specialist Mics
    A range of interesting 'specialist' microphones for recording musical instruments, as well as USB models to record directly to your PC.