Recording & Performing

Recording & Performing

Whether you are recording at home or at school, the quality of your final sound or recording is crucial and can be greatly affected by the hardware you choose.


Microphones, PA systems, mixers and even staging systems are shown below, together with various recording devices, multitrack and Hi-Fi systems.

  • Microphones

    Our selection of microphones from dynamic models through to condenser, specialist and radio systems.
  • Mic Accessories

    Mic Accessories
    A range of microphone accessories from stands, through to clips, leads, windshields and more!
  • Mixers & Processors

    Mixers & Processors
    A wide range of recording equipment suitable for schools and small recording studios. If setting up a new studio, ask us to prepare a quotation to access all the discounts.
  • Amplification Systems

    Amplification Systems
    There’s a wide range of options here, and our Advisory team is on hand to guide you to the most appropriate options for your specific needs.
  • Performances on Stage

    Performances on Stage
    A range of portable and practical staging systems for use in schools, Churches etc - special pricing applies to educational customers! Tel (01752) 313300
  • Recording Equipment

    Recording Equipment
    A superb selection, from hand-held recorders through to studio multitrack systems.
  • Hi-Fi & Camcorders

    Hi-Fi  & Camcorders
    A large selection of Hi-Fi components, boomboxes, docking stations, educational DJ equipment and more - ideal for schools and educational pricing applies! Tel 01752 313300 for details.