Smaller Brass

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Here, under the heading 'Smaller Brass', we show three superb galleries of trumpets, cornets and flugel horns from the world's best factories. Our experts have chosen instruments which are eminently suitable for progressing through the beginners and intermediate ranges of brass instruments.  

Now, in conjunction with our partners, we can now offer a superb selection of the more professional models for advanced students, together with educational discounts to schools! Tel (01752) 313300 for details!

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  • Trumpets

    Starting with the popular new plastic trumpets, this gallery shows a range of excellent student and intermediate outfits.
  • Cornets

    We are showing here only the most popular models from leading brands, including silver and gold lacquer models.
  • Flugel Horns

    Flugel Horns
    A superb-sounding, more mellow instrument, this gallery contains a few student models, and we are happy to obtain other models on request.
  • Smaller Brass Accessories

    Smaller Brass Accessories
    A range of essential brass accessories specifically for trumpets, cornets and flugel horns.