Studio 49 '1000 Series' Alto Chromatic Half Metallo

Studio 49's budget metallophone - designed to link with the 49-AM1000 model for a full chromatic range
Item: 49-HAM1000

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We Think

Studio 49's budget model made in Germany, this model is designed to sit along side the 49-AM1000 alto diatonic model to create a fully chromatic and consequently versatile classroom instrument. Solid wood construction and a good resonant sound quality. 

Its worth mentioning that this model only has 6 note bars, c#1, d#1, g#1, c#2, d#2, g#2 as the Bb and F# notes are included with the diatonic model.

ALSO AVAILABLE are the '1600 Series' and premium '2000 series' with highest quality aluminium notebars- please ask us for details.

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Brief Specs

Designed specifically to pair with the 49-AM1000 diatonic model, 6 aluminium note bars, Solid wood resonance box, Lightweight and easy to move

Weight and Dimension

Weight: 0.00 KGS

Size (WxHxD): 0 x 0 x 0 cm