Yamaha YCR2330iii Cornet Outfit

Student Bb cornet outfit taking students through the grades
Item: YCR2330iii

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We Think

This is considered to be the best-sounding, easiest playing and most durable cornet available to students. The quality of the valves on this instrument is second to none, because of the way they have been machined - they offer the player a quick and effortless action. As well as producing a good tone, the YCR2330iii has been made with the student in mind, with its medium weight giving balance to the instrument which helps the younger player, and its extra struts add to its durability.

To help students as they progress through the grades, the cornet is also supplied with a first valve slide thumb hook and a third valve slide finger ring as standard, both of which are a great benefit as they save the player from lipping certain notes when playing in the very top and bottom of the registers.

The Yamaha YCR-2330III cornet includes a Yamaha CR-11B mouthpiece as well as valve oil and a cleaning cloth. This cornet comes complete with its own Yamaha hard case with for great protection and easy transportation to and from rehearsals and concerts. 

• Body material - yellow brass 
• Leadpipe and bell material - rose brass with ML 11.65mm bore 
• Finish - gold lacquer finish 
• Valves - 3 monel metal valves with new valve caps and buttons 
• Additions - adjustable 3rd slide trigger and new round shape lead-pipe 
• Key - Bb

Brief Specs

  • Medium-large bore
  • Fixed 3rd valve slide thumb hook
  • Polishing cloth
  • Valve oil
  • Hard case
  • Short model
  • Fixed 3rd valve slide finger ring
  • Gold lacquer

Weight and Dimension

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