Izzo Junior Samba 10-Pack

Izzo's JUNIOR Samba drum kit for up to 10 players, designed to be lighter, and supplied with hand percussion, straps etc.

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We Think

Smaller players....smaller budget? Then look no further, as this is a genuine Brazilian made Samba kit for up to 10 young players, supplied with lightweight surdos, straps and hand percussion.

Although the surdos supplied here (1 each of 14", 16") are regular sizes, Izzo have engineered these to be as lightweight as possible, using their traditional methods, whilst producing superb sound and durability! A Pandeiro, tambourims, a repinique, ganza and further hand percussion are also included.

This 'Junior' series is built using thinner aluminium making them lighter (and less costly!) - perfect for younger players. An ingenious ridged design makes them just as strong (and loud!) as the standard range, meaning they'll easily survive the everyday perils of the classroom.


  • 1x 10" repinique
  • 1x pandeiro
  • 2x tamborim
  • 2x double agogo bell
  • 1x metal ganza shaker
  • 1x apito samba whistle
  • Beaters for all the drums above
  • Straps for the 3 large drums


Brief Specs

Ideal for younger players, High quality starter pack featuring ingenious ribbed drum shell designs, Lightweight construction ideal for younger players, Contains enough instruments and accessories for 10 players, Authentic Brazilian instruments manufactured in famous Sao Paolo factory.

Weight and Dimension

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