Great value pack suited to up to 16 student keyboard enthusiasts!

Start Casio 8pk' (SC8) for 16 pupils

Package of Casio keyboards, adaptors, leads and headphones for 16 students
Item: SC8

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We Think

We've designed this package to provide the main accessories required for 16 students to share 8 Casio 'entry-level' keyboards in the classroom - a great solution!

This is a typical package for both primary and secondary schools, where space and budgets are often too restricted to allow each pupil their own keyboard. Our 'Start Casio 8-pack' is based on the Casio's five octave educational keyboard, which is packed with educational features, yet easy to use in the classroom!

The eight Casio 'CTK1500' keyboards in this package provide important educational features such as a variety of world sounds (120 of them), together with 70 rhythms and 'backing styles' which are played by the left hand. 

We've been very careful with the all-important accessories, designing a package which uses separately-fused 4-way extension blocks to house the four keyboard mains adaptors (supplied). Our keyboard experts also considered the long-term reliability of this value package, and there's no doubt that the splitter cables we supply reduce the strain on the headphone socket, whilst allowing for two students to each hear the stereo music through the excellent quality headphones.

This is exceptional value for money for high quality components, and they will last far more time in a busy classroom than cheaper alternatives.

Please note that there are several models of this keyboard with the same specification, but with a possible alternative fascia panel.

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Brief Specs

  • 8 x Casio 'CTK' portable (5-octave) keyboards
  • 2 x 4-way extension block
  • 8 x headphone splitter leads
  • 16 x educational headphones
  • 8 x mains power supplies

Weight and Dimension

Weight: 0.00 KGS

Size (WxHxD): 0 x 0 x 0 cm