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17th Oct 2014

School purchases of Yamaha PSR keyboards

If your school is currently considering the purchase of 5 or more Yamaha PSR keyboards, you should call our sales team for a chat.  Whilst there are stocks available we can do some special prices for a multiple school order, at rates which we could not publish online! Read full story

13th Oct 2014

Great news on guitars, amps and accessories!

Yes, good news it is!! Not only have we expanded our range of guitars, amplifiers and accessories right across the board, but many have now seen significant price decreases! Read full story

11th Aug 2014

New input keyboards, and IT packages

Continuing our annual update of keyboard instruments, our Computer USB keyboards has now been completely revised.  You may be looking for a short, highly compact 25-note model, in which case there is now a choice of 5, followed by several 49, 61 and 8-note versions of the same-styled models. Read full story

7th Aug 2014

Welcome price reductions on digital pianos

This summer we have been updating our entire range of digital pianos, from the small portable models, through to practice instruments, classical models and home entertainment models.  The good news is, together with some new models, we now reflect some price reductions on Clavinova pianos announced on August 1st. Read full story